Keystone Group kenya As branding agents, we help to build
brands that cut through the clutter,
build desire, drive loyalty
and create advocacy.
Keystone Group kenya Our honour is to create design and
print that spark curiosity, attract
attention & inspire customers.
Keystone Group kenya At Keystone Group we take you through
creating a brand that is strong
compeling and fresh.
Keystone Group kenya We use research to make informed decision throughout
the strategic, creative and technical process,this causes
us to stay focused on clear goals and outcomes that
can be evaluated.
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Karibu Keystone Group

keystone Group Kenya

Keystone Group is a Pan African Company that has operations ranging from Corporate branding, Digital branding to Social Media Marketing. We are a team of young and dynamic individuals equipped with modern ideas and concepts which provide functional business solutions that are beneficial and pay off in the long run.
Our solutions are result driven and targeted to cater to the needs of the rising number of start ups and the well established corporates that are constantly thinking to come up with innovative and creative ways of staying ahead of the competition within their respective fields.

We are excited and constantly looking forward to work with like minded individuals who have an open mind about what services we can provide for them.

FOUNDER & CEO, Timothy Kitonga

We believe in competitive prices because we are capacitated to deliver high quality desired products with no need to overcharge our customers.

Why Choose Us

Your sales literature and tools are strong elements in your arsenal.They convey your brand, speak directly to your prospects, and deliver the right amount of information at the right time.They help you move prospects forward as quickly as possible. We create experiences that help define your brand since we understand the value and requirements for presentation to any industry.